It is foolish if we believe that we operate only from one physical reality.

We are multi dimensional beings of light. We are infinite.

Healing Palette

An artist’s palette holds the colours of creation, inspiration, imagination and intuition which bring a canvas to life. At Healing Palette, we enhance life with a rainbow of healing colours; using a variety of healing modalities and therapeutic tools to release and cleanse the blocked energies in the Body, Mind and Soul. Read More

Sabari Chakraborty

Sabari ChakrabortySabari Chakraborty, a Past Life Regression Therapist trained by Dr. Brian Weiss (USA) and an Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapist trained by California Hypnosis Institute of India (Mumbai), works as a Healer/Therapist in both these fields. Read More

Healing Modalities

Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy
Past Life Regression Therapy
Metaphor Therapy


Spiritual Healing
Surrogate Therapy


Access Consciousness
Aura Cleansing
Inner Child Healing

Sabari Chakraborty is available for personal consultations in Mumbai & Goa Learn More